Starting a business

As a new venture you’re likely to need a range of Australian Taxation Office and other governmental registrations, permits and licences. Click offers advice on what you need and how to get it.


It is critically important to get the best structure for your business. Your structure will ensure that you have a strong foundation to build your business and ultimately achieve financial security. Analysing your personal circumstances will help you decide on the most appropriate structure for you to operate – to cover legal and compliance issues, and to give your business the best possible advantages for tax planning.


At Click we offer the following services:

  • Structural planning
  • Company incorporation and constitution strategies
  • Trust set-ups including trust deeds
  • Tax File Number registration
  • Australian Business Number registration
  • GST, PAYG, Withholding Tax, FBT, Luxury Car Tax and Fuel Tax Credits registration
  • Undertake due diligence for the purchase of existing business
  • Implementing and lodging superannuation contributions
  • Financing the purchase of a business and its assets

Work cover setup and compliance

Gallagher Bassett is the only organisation licensed as a WorkCover Scheme Agent in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Our first goal and that of the workers’ compensation authorities’ is a reduction in the number of workplace injuries within the Schemes. Our innovative risk, injury and claims management practices encourage the building of strong partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.


A path to grow your business

There are four simple steps to developing your business.


You need to increase


  • Your customer base
  • The frequency of your customers making a purchase
  • The average per dollar sale
  • The effectiveness of your product or service


Click will offer advice and support every step of the way.


Referral by customers is the most effective path for growing any business. You need to turn your customers into your advocates. How often do you stay in touch them? If a potential customer needs your product or services, what are you doing to make them come to you?



What’s your Unique Selling Proposition?

Why should someone come to you instead of a competitor offering an identical product or service?


What makes your business different?


What do you offer that others don’t?


How successful are you at adding value to your average dollar per sale?


How can you ensure your customers receive a consistent product or service – every time they do business with you?


Businesses need systems to ensure consistency. People don’t run businesses, good systems do.

Workforce Guardian

More and more employers are turning to their accountants and financial advisors for advice on how to comply with Australia’s increasingly complex employment relations laws.


No doubt many of your clients – especially those running small businesses – are simply unaware of all their legal obligations under the Fair Work system, including the 10 National Employment Standards, Modern Awards and dismissal laws. They just want to hire, manage and dismiss employees quickly and easily without facing claims resulting in fines and penalties – but they just don’t know where to start.


Thankfully, Workforce Guardian offers you and your clients the solution you’ve been looking for!


Workforce Guardian has been working for Australian employers for more than five years. They are Australia’s leading employment relations service for employers, providing a simple, subscription-based service specifically designed to make it easy for employers to meet all their legal obligations while also getting the very best from their employees.


The team at Workforce Guardian are unashamedly on the side of Australia’s hard-working employers and are committed to assisting and protecting your clients.



The Workforce Guardian service includes the following key features and benefits:


  • Contract generation wizard – allowing your clients to create fully-compliant contracts of employment in just minutes!
  • Hiring, Managing and Exiting information – ensuring your clients have access to the tools, letter templates, flowcharts and guides they need to quickly and easily manage their day-to-day employment relations requirements
  • Policy Library – allowing Professional subscribers to view and download more than 70 fully-compliant, customisable workplace policies, covering everything from dress standards to iPad usage
  • Document storage – ensuring all your clients can safely and securely store all their employment files ‘in the cloud’ for the minimum 7 year period required by the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Ask an ER Expert Service – providing your clients with unlimited access to email-based employment-related advice and support from a team of highly-qualified experts at no additional charge
  • Expert Consulting Service – providing your clients with access to 1-1 consulting services and professional representation before the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission
  • And much, much more!


Workforce Guardian makes managing employees easy and all content provided on the service is verified by Clayton Utz, one of Australia’s leading law firms.


You can be confident when recommending Workforce Guardian to your clients.