Who wants to grow their business in 2016

It’s clear that some business owners still don’t think they need a website. In fact, according to a 2016 report in the US produced by Clutch, 46% of small business owners don’t have a website. They surveyed 350 small business owners and managers, most of whom own or work for an enterprise with 1 to 10 employees with an annual turnover of less than $1 million. These website figures mirror the statistics in Australia….


2015/16 Federal Budget Overview

The Treasurer Joe Hockey handed down the federal budget on the 12th May and stated, “Our future growth will come from growing small business into big business.” Small business was front and centre in this budget and according to the Treasurer the budget “empowers small business to invest, grow and create jobs.”…….


7 Warning Signs of a Business in Trouble

According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) annual report published in October 2013, the number of businesses registered in Australia has reached a record 2.03 million. The report also indicated that nearly 200 businesses a week in this country enter external administration…..


Thinking of Buying a Business in 2014?

The great Australian dream may now include owning your own business according to a report released by The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. It claims that more than 10% of the Australian adult population are either in business or planning to start a business. The entrepreneurial spirit is incredibly high amongst Generation Y with 83% indicating they are keen to become their own boss….


Time For a Business Audit?

The first quarter of a new financial year is the perfect time to conduct an ‘audit’ on your business to assess what is working in the business and what needs working on. Although the word ‘audit’ conjures up some pretty negative thoughts for most business owners, this is not a witch hunt. We simply suggest you take a step back to review the direction of your business and your financial goals for the year ahead….


Beware The Christmas Cash Flow Grinch

The GFC and post‐GFC era has, and will continue to claim victims. Most business owners accept the risk of failure as part of the ‘game’ but that knowledge doesn’t ease the pain, suffering and stress when it actually happens….


Marketing To Today’s ‘Smart’ Customer

The internet and the technology revolution have changed the profile of the modern day customer. They have the internet in their pockets on their smart phones and they don’t rely on television, radio and print media to get their information…..


2013 Budget Overview

Treasurer Wayne Swan has handed down the 2013/14 Federal Budget and forecasts a budget deficit of $18 billion. This is in stark contrast to his $1.5 billion surplus that he predicted in the previous budget…..


Video Killed The Radio Star … But Can Grow Your Business

If you’re a music trivia buff we’re sure you’re familiar with the 1979 hit single for The Buggles, ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’. This annoying (but catchy) song was a huge hit and 35 years later some of the lyrics provide a valuable message for every Australian business owner…….


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